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Kitafund and #KindnessCrew collaborated with Kiseneko to provide an additional total donation of RM 150,000 for 150 cat treatments against FIP.


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Get familiar with FIP

Your domestic cat or ones whom you meet on the street can get infected by Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) which is caused by a common virus called Feline Coronavirus (FCoV). They will show little to no sign or mild diarrhea. Nevertheless, the strain of virus can induce mutants and evolve into FIP causing fatal conditions. If cats are not well-treated, the mortality rate will rise up to 96%.

Do your cats show these

Clinical signs of FIP can be differ, reckoning the body affected and how the immune system reacts. But, FIP symptoms are very common and might be confusing to discern with other diseases, such as recurring fever, body inactivity and loss of weight due to reduced appetite.

In further notice, cat will develop other signs within days, weeks or months which can be classified into wet (effusive) and dry (non-effusive). However, it’s possible if the cat gives hints of both or a combination of the symptoms.

Wet of effusive disease

Cat will endure uncomfortable feelings of not being able to breath and/or show abdominal swelling as a result of thick and yellow fluid accumulation within the chest and/or abdomen cavity.

Dry or non-effusive disease

There will be lesions visible on any cat’s organ of the body in the stage of disease. Most of cases, inflammation appears on cat’s eyes or brain, yet the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin can also be affected.

Don’t be panicked,
you can treat your cat well

Don’t be panicked,
you can treat your cat well


Run to veterinarian

You have to rush your cat immediately to your vet or FIP consultant to run some diagnostic test including physical examination, full panel blood test, rivalta test and many more.


Feed your cat right

For urgent treatment for fully-stopped eating, syringe feeding should be performed immediately so your cat can gain energy and save the liver. Give your cats food with lots of protein like cooked fish and chicken, kibble, and wet food.


Do inpatient treatment

Your cat may need intensive care of vet or FIP consultant as it likely needs more treatments including oxygen, subcutaneous fluid, antibiotic or vitamin oral or intravenous therapy, and blood transfusions.

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Kitafund and #KindnessCrew collaborated with Kiseneko to provide an additional total donation of RM 150,000 for 150 cat treatments against FIP.

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